The Liberal Media Is Hiding Hillary Clinton’s EPIC Failure. Here’s The Truth!

Liberal media, you suck. Why can’t you just report the fact as they stand instead of hiding the truth?

ABC News is notoriously liberal. I knew this. You knew this. We all knew this. But what I didn’t believe was just how liberal. In an attempt to make Hillary Clinton look stronger than she actually is, ABC decided to veil it’s own poll showing Clinton doing poorly.

ABC on Sunday and Monday hid the damaging details of its own poll, minimizing Hillary Clinton’s plunging popularity. Instead, World News and Good Morning America shifted the focus to Donald Trump and his continued surge. Clinton’s “dramatic” fall appeared only on It was left to competitors CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today to probe the numbers.
Here’s a video of CBS’s and The Today Show’s report.

Interesting as those are also predominantly liberal news outlets as well.
This, however, is excellent news for any GOP candidate. Clinton is losing favor within he own party and it’s starting to show. Big time. I couldn’t be happier with this news!
(Source: News Busters)