The 10 Biggest Movie Stars You Didn’t Know Voted Republican

Here in America, Hollywood is largely liberal. It’s a known fact. However there are many celebrities that aren’t just conservatives, they vote Republican when it counts! To name a few, you have Don King, Ben Stein, Gloria Estefan, and Pat Sajak all leaning to the right.

But there are some MEGA stars that vote for the GOP as well. Here are your 10 biggest celebrities who would rather ride an elephant than a donkey.

1. Clint Eastwood

Possibly the biggest name on this list, Eastwood’s movies have a conservative nature to them especially the Academy Award winning “American Sniper” from last year. His conservative nature does not stop at movies though. He spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention and openly supported Mitt Romney during the last election.

Watch American Sniper Here!


2. Robert Downey Jr.

With Iron Man and The Avengers under his belt as some of the biggest blockbuster movies of this generation, RDJ is a mega star. He’s also a mega conservative and votes for the GOP!

Watch Iron Man Here and The Avengers Here!


3. Jerry Bruckheimer

Mr. Bruckheimer is best known for making movies as opposed to being in them. Still, his reach is far and wide over the industry with hits such as The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, Black Hawk Down, and the hit TV show CSI. And the best part? He’s not a liberal and has supported many Republican candidates in the past!

Watch The Pirates Of The Caribbean, Black Hawk Down, or CSI!


4. Bruce Willis

We may all know him best for his awesome performance in the American classic “Die Hard,” but we also know him for supporting Republican ideals and going against the grain of liberal Hollywood.

Watch Die Hard right here!


5. Adam Sandler

Once labeled one of the funniest men alive, Sandler is famous for his classic 90s comedy movies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Sandler is also a rare breed as he is quite active in Republican politics and performed at the 2004 RNC.

Watch Billy Madison here or Happy Gilmore here!


6. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Another rare Hollywood Republican. Johnson is known as “The Rock” from the WWE, but he also has started in major movies such as the Fast and Furious franchise. Johnson has gone on record saying he respects the late President Ronald Regan, had performed at the 2000 RNC, and has said he’d like to go into politics when done with acting!

Watch his Fast and Furious movies here!


7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all know the governator! The former body builder stared in the hugely popular “Terminator” franchise as a robot killing machine from the future, but also was the governor of California for 2 terms as a Republican.

Watch Termintor 2 right here!


8. Sylvester Stallone

Headlining for two of the largest movie franchies ever in “Rocky” and “Rambo,” Stallone is a household name. But what you might not know is that he is a hardcore conservative who supported Sen. John McCain’s Presidential run in 2008.

Watch Rambo here and Rocky here!


9. Vince Vaughn

Vaughn is an A-list star headline tons of high grossing movies. he may be best known for his starring role in the comedy classic “Wedding Crashers” alongside Owen Wilson. And he’s a Republican too because when they were filming “Wedding Crashers” Wilson let slip that Vaughn tried to get him to vote Republican! Good job Vince.

Watch Wedding Crashers here!


10. James Earl Jones

Yup! Even Darth Vader is a republican. Though he is the voice of CNN (that is actually his voice you here in promos), he’s gone on record saying that he prefers to get his news from Fox News instead!

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