REPORT: Obama Is Actively Helping Iran With Their Plan To “Annihilate America”

Hey, Obama, are you paying attention yet?

This is who you’re dealing with in Iran. Recently, and Iranian senior military official has said that Iran will “set fire” to any and all U.S. interests in the middle east. To make matter worse, he also said that they welcome war with America. Great. Thanks for making a deal with these neanderthals and backwards thinking idiots.

According to regional reports demonstrating that Tehran is still committed to fighting the United States in the wake of a recently inked nuclear accord.

‘In threatening remarks,’ a top Iranian commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) stated that Iran is prepared to “annihilate” U.S. and Israeli war forces should they ‘take the slightest military move against Iran,’ according to Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

‘We monitor their acts day and night and will take every opportunity to set fire to all their economic and political interests if they do a wrong deed,’ Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the IRGC’s lieutenant commander, was quoted as saying in Tehran on Thursday.

In a direct threat to both the United States and Israel, Salami promised to “cut off enemies’ hands and fingers will then send its dust to the air,” according to the report.

These Iranian military officials were responding to multiple claims by U.S. officials that a military option against Tehran still remains on the table, despite the recently inked accord, which aims to constrain the Islamic Republic’s contested nuclear program.

In May, Salami said that Iran desires a war with the United States.

Of course this is all posturing and looking strong for their own people because in a war with the U.S. we’d wipe them completely off the map. But even so, these are the people Obama has decided to strike a deal with. When will his madness end?

(Source: FreeBeacon)