Putin’s New Year Video Shows That Obama Is Nothing But A Useless COWARD! WHOA!

Vladimir Putin knows that you don’t take time off when it means the most to the country. He understands that with an ideological war against ISIS, the best thing to have is a military that’s on the same page and fighting for the same thing with as much enthusiasm as ever. He certainly doesn’t enact laws that curb the rights of his citizens instead of wishing them a prosperous New Year – but that’s why he’s a real leader, unlike the lame duck coward we have called Barack Hussein Obama.

Not only does Putin’s New Year speech to his country a great indicator of what a President should do for his country, but it outlines what we need in a leader – a quality that we will see with a Trump presidency.

Here’s the video that every Russian saw before ringing in the New Year:

Transcript, from RT,

Citizens of Russia, friends,

In a few moments, we will see in the New Year of 2016. The sensation of this wonderful moment between the past and the future is familiar since childhood. We look forward to it with joy, hope and excitement, believing in the best.

Traditionally, we celebrate it with our families, with all our nearest and dearest ones. Of course, not all manage to see the New Year in with their families.

People have to work at hospitals and production facilities, perform their service and combat duty, defend our borders, and be on regular duty, ensuring our security on land, at sea and in the skies.

We are grateful to all those who are always at their post, day and night, over weekdays and holidays. Today, I would like to extend special greetings to those of our service members who are fighting international terrorism, defending Russia’s national interests on distant frontiers, showing their willpower, determination and staunchness. Although these are the qualities we need all the time, whatever we are doing.

The success of the entire nation depends on the efficient work and achievements of each one of us. We are united by the same goals, by our common desire to benefit our Motherland and by our sense of responsibility for its future.
In the outgoing year of 2015, we marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Our history, the experience of our parents and grandparents, their unity in times of trouble and their willpower, shall always serve as an example for us. They have helped and will help us to meet all our current challenges with dignity.


On this New Year’s night, we feel especially strongly just how much our nearest and dearest ones mean to us. It is so important for all to be healthy and everything to be fine. For our parents to be surrounded by love and care, so that all the good things they have ever taught us come back to them.

Let our children grow smart and active, while love and responsiveness, kind-heartedness and compassion, support us in our everyday chores.

There are a few seconds left before the New Year. Let us wish each other success and happiness.

Let us thank each other for understanding and support, for sympathy and responsiveness we give each other.

And let us raise a toast to the prosperity and well-being of Russia!

Happy New Year to you! Happy 2016!

(Source: RT)