Obama Tries To Cover Up Domestic Terror! Here’s the PROOF He Doesn’t Want You To See!

Wow. Just wow. This is completely insane!

This country is going nuts. The terrorism blindness and ignorance is just staggering. According to a report just across our desks, the NYPD has been directed by a U.S. court to remove all mention of islamic terror in the west and any uprising they’ve found. Why? Because muslims complained about it and wanted it removed for citing “anti-islamic feelings.”


As part of a settlement agreement reached earlier this month with Muslim community advocates in U.S. District Court, the NYPD will purge from its website an extensive report that experts say has been critical to the department’s understanding of radical Islam and its efforts to police the threat.

The court settlement also stipulates that the NYPD make a concerted effort to mitigate the impact of future terror investigations on certain religious and political groups, according to a copy of the court documents published by the American Civil Liberties Union, which has spearheaded the case since June 2013.

This is a huge blow to possibly understanding terror at it’s core here int the U.S.

Legal experts and critics of the settlement maintain that it could hamper future terrorism investigations and view it as part of a larger campaign by Muslim advocacy organizations in the United States to dismantle surveillance programs encompassing that community.

Critics expressed particular concern about the case in light of a recent surge in attacks on U.S. citizens committed by individuals pledging allegiance to terror groups such as ISIS.

Grab your guns and hold them tight. This could be the start of something horribly wrong.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)