Netflix Edits Old “Bill Nye” Episode That Said There Are Only Two Possible Genders

If you’ve been asleep for the past few weeks, some notable things happened. Apparently, the left has come to the conclusion that the President and his administration is anti-science, spouting some of the most entitled whining even come from the liberals, in form of the March for Science, which was simply code for legislative enforcement of their insane beliefs.

This sort of thinking also gave rise to the Netflix show, aptly titled, Bill Nye Saves The World, in which Nye, a mechanical engineer, explains to the toothless idiots watching his show by accident how the world really works, with a much condescension as possible.

You see, Nye used to rely on things like facts to come to his conclusions, as he did on his ’90s television show, Bill Nye The Science Guy, but he’s made way for the leftist propaganda, as is demonstrated by this cartoon depiction of a vanilla ice cream cone (a stand-in of a heterosexual Christian male) being lured and seduced into an orgy. No, I’m not kidding.

It’s also the same episode that gave us this wonderfully cringe-worthy gem, rightfully dubbed, Sex Junk:

With Nye’s newfound appreciation of all 52 genders, it’s no wonder that Netflix had the original ’90s show edited to take out the clip that had an actress explain that chromosomes determine gender and biological sex.

Here’s a comparison between the original and the Netflix version:

This is the wake-up call. These are not critical thinkers. These are peddlers of liberal propaganda that do nothing but erode whatever social standards we have, replacing them with unfounded opinions and unscientific speculation. Telling impressionable teens that they can have sex with anyone they want, on demand, and it’s all OK is absolutely hurting society because it trivializes the real risks that can come with the act of “hooking up” with someone you barely know.

When you actively demonize people that disagree with the conclusions of climate change advocates, this is not science. This is political partisan hackery, and I wish to go back to a time when the scientists of the world, and even the Science Guy himself, would just stick to teaching people how to think and approach problems, rather than ramming their leftist opinions down our throats.