MUST-WATCH: When They Said “Trump Is A Racist”, This Black Trump Supporter Set ‘Em Straight!

Haha! This makes me happier than a pig in slop!

Everyone has been trying to knock off Trump from the top of the heap ever since he announced he’s running for president. Probably none more so than liberal media outlets. Every time the bring him on their show, they try to have him miss step or say something horrible and every time he comes through with flying colors.

This time, MSNBC tried to make him look foolish by calling him a racist. They then immediately cut to a Trump supporter in a “man on the street” type segment. What happened next will go down in TV history as one of the biggest flubs of all time. Watch and enjoy this one!

BOOM! They tried to call him a racist then cut to a black Trump supporter! That is absolutely incredible. It’s also important to note that this just goes to show that Trump has support in all walks of life, not just from rich, white, Republicans. Go Trump go! Don’t listen to the haters as this shows they CLEARLY don’t know what they’re talking about.

(Source: YouTube)