MUST WATCH: Obama Blames Trump For His Failures, Gets Put In His Place Instantly. YES!

The lows that this guy stoops to will never cease to amaze me.

In his year end address, Obama pulled the race card when talking about Trump and his recent remarks about muslims and the presidency overall. After the remarks by Obama, the panel on The O’Reilly Factor (with Bill O’Reilly absent and with a guest host) debated his remarks and how this could further tarnish Obama’s legacy. Watch below and try not to throw something at the screen when you see Obama speak his slander.

This just shows that Obama isn’t one to take the high road. He’s never one to be the bigger man. He always takes the easy way out, which in nearly every debate or argument, is the race card. I’ve never seen a President stoop to this level. The day he is out of office is the day I will do a dance in the streets.

(Source: Fox News)