MUST-WATCH: 5 EPIC Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Vote For Donald Trump!

I think it’s no secret that we love Donald Trump at Yes I’m Right because he’s a no-nonsense candidate that’s so far off the beaten path of establishment rhetoric that it’s a breath of fresh air that anyone with his integrity and politically incorrect speech could have such a following. However, we realize that while we’re singing his praises, liberals are making him out to be a racist, sexist, entitled monster via their usual propaganda tactics and identity politics.

Well, here’s a video to shut those haters down, made by an awesome media critic – Gavin McInnes. Although the language may be strong, the points he makes are absolutely spot-on. It’s a must-watch and must-share with every American you know.

Do you agree with his reasons? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)