MUST-SEE: Thug Tried To Rob A Man…But Didn’t Expect Him To Be PACKIN’ HEAT! OMG!

Want more proof that guns can save lives? Here you go.

Thugs pull guns on people to rob and generally instill fear to get whatever they want. They do this, because they’re cowards. They do this and they give the gun a soiled, ugly name. They portray it as a tool for killing, not for protecting. Well good guys gun owners can buck this trend all day long.

Take this instance for example – a young thug tried to rob a man at a local gas station in Florida. The man had a concealed carry permit and he was carrying the gun on him.

Next thing you know, bye bye thug.

That is how you take care of business! Good guy gun owners are something we need more of so we can protect ourselves and our next of kin. Share this if you agree that guns are NOT the problem, thugs and dangerous people are.

(Source: WFTV)