Muslims Just Admitted “Obama Is One Of Us!” His Islamic Roots Are EXPOSED!

Barack Obama, one of America’s most divisive presidents, is embroiled in another controversy about his questionable past.

This time, the confirmation doesn’t come from birthers or “conspiracy nuts”, as liberals would call them, but from an entire region of the world – the Middle East.

Barack Obama has long been considered a champion for Islamic causes and his Shiite Muslim roots have been exposed for quite some time, although the mainstream media would never, ever report on this.

According to The Washington Post,



One of the most persistent and widespread of these conspiracy theories gets more specific than its American variant: Obama isn’t just a Muslim, this theory goes…. he’s a Shiite Muslim.

This week, as the Obama administration announced that it was lifting sanctions on Iran as a result of a U.S.-led nuclear deal with Tehran reached in July, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the head of general security for the emirate of Dubai, suggested that Obama’s “Shiite roots” had helped him get elected in a bid to bring the United States and Iran closer.

“Mission accomplished,” he added.

In follow-up tweets, Tamim suggested that Israel was actually behind the election of Obama and that the U.S. president would probably visit a number of Shiite religious sites in Iran soon.

It’s worth noting that Tamim isn’t an obscure figure. He is a former police chief of Dubai. His Twitter account has more than 1.2 million followers, and his tweets about Obama were retweeted hundreds of times. And neither is this the first time that this rumor has found voice.

While some people don’t think a tweet from a prominent Muslim figure is enough (and I’d agree), the problem goes much, much deeper.


Last year, a video featuring former Iraqi member of parliament Taha al-Lahibi appeared online and showed Lahibi reasoning that Obama’s “Shiite background” had led him to work with Iran. Around the same time, Syrian writer Muhydin Lazikani told the London-based al-Hiwar television channelthat Obama was the “son of a Shiite Kenyan father.” The rumor goes back as far as the 2008 election, when state-run Iranian papers published articles that suggested Obama was a Shiite Muslim. There were even celebrations in Iraq’s Shiite strongholds when he won the election in November 2008.

“Many people felt, Now we have a brother in the White House,” one resident of Sadr City, a Shiite enclave in Baghdad, told Time magazine shortly after.

That is damning evidence for sure. Not only have the Muslims known since 2008, but the liberal media have been hiding this fact from us for nearly a decade. Your duty is to share this everywhere. It is no longer conspiracy.

(Source: Washington Post)