Liberals Keep Trying To Say Trump’s Losing. This New Poll PROVES THEM WRONG! YES!

I love how liberals try to hard to keep the GOP, especially Trump, down. And yet, they fail miserably at it.

As I watched ABC this morning, I saw a story about how Trump is losing with evangelicals in the south, when compared to Ted Cruz by a score of 37% (Cruz) to 17% (Trump). That’s a big gap. Yet they showed the national stats and it was 42% for Trump and only 24% for Cruz among evangelicals. Go figure.

This is backed up by yet another poll showing that Trump is continually demolishing the competition. In Florida, not only is Trump winning, but he’s up by double digits!


A new poll of Florida Republicans shows Donald Trump opening his biggest lead in the Sunshine State. The poll, from Florida Times-Union and Fox35, has Trump in first place, with 31 percent support, twelve points higher than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is in second place with 19 percent.

And this is a hugely important, swing state that just moved it’s primary earlier.

Florida moved its Presidential primary to March 15th, the first date at which primaries can be conducted under “winner-take-all” rules. Prior to March 15th, delegates in primaries and caucuses are awarded proportionally, i.e. even candidates finishing in second or third place can win delegates.

Trump Train rolls on!

(Source: Breitbart)