Liberals Are Turning On Other Liberals And I Can’t Be More Thrilled! HILARIOUS!

I cannot stop laughing at this story!

Liberals tend to be a bit persnickety when it comes to California liberals.

That’s about a leftist as you can possibly get. And now it seems, so much so, that liberals in Oregon are telling them to go home.


Portlanders apparently upset with the direction of the local housing market are slapping “no Californians” stickers on For Sale signs in the city, real estate agents say.

When one of realtor Lori Fenwick’s buyers sent her a picture of one of the stickers, she took it to a real estate group on Facebook to see if any other agents had seen them around town.

Three other realtors replied they had. One of them was Quinn Irvine, of M Realty. Somebody plastered one of the stickers – showing a silhouette of California with a “No Smoking”-like red slash through it – on his sign outside a house on North Burrage Avenue.

‘A lot of these homes are going into bidding wars and going over ask price,’ Irvine said. ‘And a lot of these guys are getting outbid. And I think they’re going around to agents who have properties that have sold over ask price and putting anti-California stickers.’

Haha! Incredible. Now even liberals are hating other liberals. If liberals vote like the hate on each other, this one is in the bag for 2016.

(Source: Right Wing News)