Kasich Tried To Corner Trump And Got KNOCKED OUT Instantly! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Oh man. This is awesome!

Donald Trump continues to show that he’s president meterial. Why? Because he pulls no punches. He’s the type of man that analyzes every single point of his opponents. Case in point, Trump recently called out John Kasich as “the spoiled kid who wouldn’t leave the room.” And we totally agree with him. At a recent rally, he talked about how Kasich has stayed in the race long enough to wear out his welcome. Even going as far as comparing him to Marco Rubio who STILL has more delegates than Kasich and was in the race for a shorter period of time.

But what’s really telling is how Trump calls out Kasich for his rude manners while eating. While this might seem as a petty an innocuous comment, it’s really not. Here’s what he had to say.

Why is this important? Because when you are the President of the United States, you need to have a certain set of manners. Shoving pancakes into one’s face and looking like a buffoon or neanderthal isn’t conducive to gaining trust among world powers. Everyone wil llook at you like the slob you are.

We think this is an AWESOME call out by Trump and one that sheds light on a candidate that should just go away at this point. Do you agree?

(Source: YouTube)