If Ted Cruz Doesn’t Stop CHEATING, Trump Promised To Do THIS! OMG!

Donald Trump doesn’t pull punches, and his race with second-in-line Ted Cruz has never been hotter. However, Ted doesn’t play fair, as we’ve seen by his underhanded tactics and schemes.

First, Cruz told voters in Iowa that Ben Carson was out of the race and he said the same thing to South Carolina voters.

Trump had had enough and threatened Cruz’ campaign unless he stopped his tricks and played it fair, for the people.

ABC reports,

In an interview with the Washington Post in January, Trump was asked if Cruz was eligible to run for the presidency, citing the fact he was born in Canada.

In September, Trump had told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl that he felt Cruz was in good standing. But Trump recently said he fears a lawsuit over the fact that Cruz was born in Canada will prevent Cruz from running.

ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos told Trump during a recent interview that some legal scholars have suggested Trump himself would have standing to sue Cruz.

“Oh, that’s an interesting case. Wow, that sounds like a very good case. I’d do the public a big favor,” Trump responded, but would not say whether he’d pull the trigger until issuing this threat today via Twitter: “If @TedCruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen.”

Trump has also questioned Cruz’s “Christian values” with this latest string of attacks from the Texas senator. Trump is scheduled to campaign later today in Tampa, Florida.

(Source: ABC)