George W. Bush Predicted The Rise Of ISIS In 2007 And Obama Didn’t Listen! WHOA!

Whenever terror attacks happen, people always scramble to ask what they could’ve done differently and what signs they had that this was going to happen. Well, as it turns out, the Obama Administration had a great tip from outgoing president George W. Bush about the exact ramifications of pulling out in such a volatile area.

Bush’s predictions on what would happen in the region were so shockingly accurate, I’m not sure why anyone would be so surprised as to the problems that arose directly after Obama pulled out troops from the Iraqi region and turned a triumphant victory into another drawn out conflict with an enemy that we cannot see easily.

You can see the entire thing here, on The Kelly File:

I think we need to put boots on the ground and eliminate this terrorist threat. It’s not about oil, WMDs, or elections. ISIS is evil and we must rid the world of it. Who’s with me?

(Source: YouTube)