Clueless ESPN Host Compares The Tea Party To ISIS Terrorists. What An OUTRAGE!


Tony Kornheiser is an ESPN analyst and famous the world over for his work on the ESPN show “Pardon The Interruption.” Now, he thinks he’s a political analyst because his recent comments about the Tea Party are absolutely wrong.

In his usual podcast, Kornheiser had the following dialogue with Huffington Post editor, Howard Fineman.


Fineman: The House needs a dictatorial leader, or nothing will ever happen. And the Tea Party people understandably don’t like that. If the person in charge is a moderate who doesn’t agree with them politically. So, Paul Ryan has the kind of conservative chops, where, he can sort of try to unify the whole party. But, he’s going to be spending all his time trying to deal with these Tea Party. People. What he’s probably going to have to do, if in fact he gets in. Is stage some kind of fight with them and defeat them, or take away their power, and go after them. I don’t know if he’s got the guts to do that. I don’t know if he’s got the numbers to do it.

Kornheiser: Are they like ISIS trying to establish a Caliphate here?

Fineman: Yes, yes. That’s a very good analogy. Without the violence obviously, but yes, they are a rejectionist front.

I don’t know about you, but this is absolute blasphemy. I’m calling all conservatives to band against ESPN and Kornheiser. This type of slander and hate speech cannot be allowed, especially by a figure in such a high, public place. Call ESPN and ask for Kornheiser to be removed!

You can listen to the whole podcast if you wish, by clicking here.

(Source: The Daily Caller)