As Ben Carson Slips In The Polls, Donald Trump SURGES Ahead!

Trump is back on top of a recent GOP poll, where he belongs!

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson made huge gains in the online Reuter’s poll of likely republican voters.

But now, just a week later, Carson is back to 2nd place and Trump is once again in the lead by double digits!

You’ll see in the graph that the top two lines are Trump and Carson and the swings in question are at the right hand side of the graph.

The red line tracks Trump’s numbers while the purple line tracks Carson’s. It’s weird to see him drop so suddenly when the big news today in national polling is a surprising lead for him over Trump in the WSJ/NBC survey, but the two results aren’t necessarily inconsistent. Remember, that WSJ/NBC poll was conducted from October 25th to the 29th, the same period when Carson was peaking in Reuters’s numbers. What you might be seeing in the graph above is Carson’s support suddenly bucking because of a poor debate performance.

This shows that once again Trump is not only the man for the job, but a master of the debate format. Trump is looking strong with only 3 months to go until the party nominations.

If Trump gets the GOP nomination, it’s only a matter of time until he is in the White House!

(Source: Hot Air)