An American Was MURDERED When A Muslim Went On Stabbing Spree, What Obama Did Next…WTF?!

This is so disturbing, but we must report on it to continue to spread the word about the violent nature of the Middle East and show who Obama wants in this country.

In Israel an American Tourist was killed last night when a violent Palestinian went on a stabbing spree, killing the 1 American and injuring several others. Apparently, this happened near where Vice President Joe Biden was staying during his visit to our ally in the Middle East.

It’s unclear why this person went on a stabbing spree, but more details are pouring in as we speak. What’s clear is that although Obama had prepared statements ready for Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, innocent Americans that are taken out in the oppressive Islamist culture don’t matter to him. Not a word from him, which isn’t a surprise, but for God’s sakes, man – at least pretend that you care about Americans.

Here’s a report from CNN.

We’ll have more news as we get it. We pray for the slain American while Obama sits idly by and hasn’t made any kind of statement about this yet. Shameful. He truly hates America and Americans.

(Source: YouTube)