A Muslim Man Stabbed An Elderly Woman, She Was Saved With The Power Of God!

This story is a miracle. Seriously, an absolute miracle.

A woman in Jerusalem was viciously attacked by a Muslim wielding a knife. This has been a common theme the last month, as violence has erupted in the region, with many innocent bystanders being attacked for seemingly no reason. Well it happened again to Marike Veldman, a 78 year old woman who had opened a foster home for Arab children. While she was riding a bus during work hours, two Muslim men got on and within a few minutes attacked her.

This story, unlike many others, has a miraculous and happy ending!

Within moments, Veldman said the men began praising Allah as one fired shots and the other began stabbing her.

‘People screamed very loudly,’ she said, describing the ordeal as ‘awful.’ She said she immediately turned to her faith as she was being stabbed. ‘I cried constantly in Dutch,’ she said, ‘‘Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus! Help me! Help me!’ As she called out to Jesus, Veldman said the man backed away, allowing her to escape through the bus’s open door.

Amen! This is proof that the Lord does work through us all!

(Source: Western Journalism)