What Trump Said About Guns Has Us CHEERING! Liberals are PISSED! OMG!

Donald Trump is the front runner thus far on nearly every Republican poll circulating now. And here’s something that might get you even more on his side.

After the violent, shocking, and brutal murders of two TV reporters last week, Trump spoke him mind about guns, mental illness, and what impact each has on our society as a whole.

Mental illness is ‘a massive problem,’ GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday, one day after two Virginia journalists were brutally murdered by a disgruntled former co-worker, but he does not believe there is any need to get rid of guns.

‘If you try to do it, the bad guys would have them,’ Trump told CNN’s ‘New Day’ host Chris Cuomo, saying that instead, the focus should be on solving the mental health issues.

‘He was definitely borderline and would have been and should have been institutionalized at some point,’ Trump said Thursday morning. ‘I wish people closest to him would have seen it, but people are being released now because they don’t have any money … this was a very sick man.’

But Trump went on about gun laws and this whole matter.

‘He snuck up on them, whether it was a gun or a knife or whatever it would have been, it would have been something,’ Trump said. ‘I’m a very much 2nd Amendment person, and I know the arguments both ways very well, but I’m very much into the 2nd Amendment. You need protection.’

Here is a video of Trump on this issue, via Washington Post:

I agree with his reasoning here. The gun didn’t kill these people; a deranged, horrible person did. Liberals, of course, are saying the exact opposite and calling for more strict gun laws. I don’t know about you, but if someone breaks into my home, or tries to do this to me, I will be glad I’m carrying.

(Source: Newsmax)