What Sheriff Clarke Just Told Obama About The Dallas Cop Killings Will WAKE America The F**K Up!

The recent killing of five Dallas police officers killed in a shooting at a protest is the latest act of violence in anti-cop sentiment around the country. Every time some controversial altercation happens, another innocent cop must pay for it in some way, whether or not it was justified or not.

For example, two cops in New York were killed after the Michael Brown killing, but before the media finally figured out that “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a fabrication made by a felon and repeated by angry idiots that wanted nothing more than to destroy their own neighborhoods and be an accessory to violence.

Now, after the Alton Sterling shooting, an altercation where a man with an illegal handgun and a history of violent crime was shot after resisting arrest after two tazers did not work, a crowd was riled up to such an extent that in Dallas, ten cops were shot by a coordinated group of “protesters.” So far, five have died.

One can lay some blame on Barack Obama, as his divisive speech about how police are targeting blacks more than whites could have sparked this tinder box of bullets and blood. Here’s what Obama said just yesterday, nonchalantly, like an uncaring father talking to his delinquent child:

However, we have people in this country that don’t follow Obama’s race-baiting lead and are on the side of truth. Sheriff David A. Clarke is one of those people and took Obama down a notch by issuing a speech that as heartfelt but also stern as far as what the President should do in the wake of the killing of law enforcement.

Clarke started with a tweet:

Then he took to Fox News to express his disgust, and I can’t stop cheering him on:

He is disgusted with the President for his role in this, and we should all be.

Clarke said “This assault in Houston is an assault on our standard of living.”The Black Lives Matter movement is one of hate and racial division. It doesn’t want to heal the wounds left by senseless acts of violence, it only wants to widen them. If you’re a person that cares about truth, compassion, and the rule of law, you’ll agree. Rest in peace to the officers mowed down by the idiots in Dallas, and let’s stand behind the vast majority of law enforcement that work to keep this country safe every day.

America needs to wake the f**k up and realize that its worst areas, where innocent people are most vulnerable need more cops, not less. Thank you, Sheriff Clarke for standing up to the cowardly President. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

(Correction: The video above is in reference to a Houston shooting, not the Dallas shooting that took place that claimed the lives of at least five police officers. Although the video is for another incident, the sentiment remains the same)

UPDATE: Here is Clarke’s thoughts on the Dallas attacks: