VIDEO: A Black Trump Supporter Calls Out Protesters For Being The REAL Racists

This is seriously awesome! This is how people should be thinking.

Whenever you watch videos, read articles, or generally see anything about Trump supporters in the news, you always see them being called radical and racists, even if the trump supporters are black or Mexican or anything other than white (including whites of course). What many of these people see are the stories where Trump supporters get violent at rallys and instantly call all Trump supporters violent along with being racist.

Then you get stories like the one below which actually shed light on the flip side of this topic. In reality, most Trump supporters are non-violent and not racists at all. They actually DO love America and DO love freedom of speech and want to talk about these issues. Of course, the Liberals who all shout “You’re a fascist!” really don’t know the meaning of that word when it’s exactly what they are supporting.

They hate freedom of speech because all they want is someone to agree with them, not to have a conversation. Watch below as protesters get violent and don’t allow anyone else to speak.

What’s interesting here is that there seems to be races on both sides of the coin. Black on both the Trump protesting and Trump supporting side. So the blacks on the supporting side are then called racists themselves (not sure how that’s even possible), and, to quote one woman from the video, “a disgrace to black people.”

Also note that the protesters started to throw eggs when they were not being provoked in the slightest. And this is the common theme across the country. These protesters seem to be more violent and more militant and more AGAINST what America stands for because they fundamentally don’t understand the definition of freedom.

Here’s part of the aftermath of the protest.

He makes a valid point. These protesters seem to be brainwashed into thinking that the system works as it is, Islam isnt’ dangerous, illegal immigration is a cultural norm, and protecting one’s country and wanting to put America first makes you a fascist.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

(Source: YouTube)