North Korea Is Holding An American HOSTAGE and Obama Did WHAT? IMPEACH HIM NOW!

This is appalling. This is proof that Obama doesn’t care about Americans and has no heart.

In North Korea yesterday, an American student captured two months ago for seemingly no reason was put on TV as propaganda to showcase the “strength” of NK and it’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, President Obama has done quite literally nothing to get this student back in American hands, further putting him in jeopardy of being killed by the crack-pot nation.

He was seen on TV apologizing to the NK government for “crimes” against NK.

The University of Virginia student, Otto Frederick Warmbier, was detained on Jan. 2 as he boarded a plane at the Pyongyang airport.

Warmbier, 21, stands accused of a hostile act against the state involving the removal of some kind of political banner from the hotel where he was staying (to show to someone at a church in the United States). The North Korean government claims the U.S. government helped Warmbier with this alleged hostile act.

North Korea has arrested Americans and citizens of other countries on false charges in the past, and forced those people to make bogus confessions which they later retract when they are eventually free of the DPRK’s totalitarian clutches.

The reason for these arrests in the past has sometimes been to possess bargaining chips for various negotiations. The United States maintains no diplomatic or consular relations whatsoever with the hermit, communist, failed nation.

Meanwhile, Obama and his state department have made no attempt to contact the NK government for the release of this American. This further proves that Obama is not only a terrible president, but couldn’t care less about the safety and well being of Americans both abroad and at home.


(Source: The Daily Caller)