Kathy Griffin Announces The Next Phase Of Her Sad Career

Failed comedian Kathy Griffin is clinging to the hope that her career can still be revived. She alienated most of the country last year when she posted the hideous picture of herself clutching a bloodied, decapitated bust of President Trump.

She was forced out of the spotlight for awhile, but now she’s back. On Friday’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, Griffin announced that she plans to go on tour again.

“I’m dipping my toes into touring again, even though the Trumps and nobody wants me to work again,” she said. “But I’m dipping my toes in and I just booked today, I’m gonna do a show at Carnegie Hall in New York, and I’m also gonna go right to Trump’s backyard and do a show at the Kennedy Center.”

After the picture she incident, Griffin was effectively blacklisted in the U.S. She crawled away to Europe and managed to do a couple of moderately successful shows abroad.

“I did an overseas tour. I did 15 countries and 23 cities, and I was detained at every single airport, which is frightening,” Griffin said.

“In all seriousness… there were times when they took my devices — they can do that — and you might think we all have our rights, but when you’re in that moment, you’re really at the mercy of the one or two people in that room.”

She made a joke about the president of the U.S. being murdered, of course she’s facing extra security at the airport. She’s lucky that she was never arrested for what she did.

It’s been almost a year, and she’s trying to revive her career. The European shows paid a few bills, but the real money is in the U.S.

It’s not clear, however, that Americans are ready to embrace her.

“Imagine if you took the worst selfie in the world, you went to bed and you woke up, and found out that the president tweeted about it, which then mobilized the alt-right, Fox News, everybody else, and they also thought it was illegal,” Griffin whined

“I got canned from CNN, which sucked because I was never a CNN employee. I only worked there one night a week, but they made this sweeping statement.”

Are you planning to see her new show?

(Source: Vanity Fair)