Kathy Griffin Goes On “The View” To Take Back Her “Apology”

Remember when b-list comedian Kathy Griffin disturbed society by posing with a bust of President Trump’s severed head? If you thought Griffin felt remorse for her tasteless stunt, you’d be wrong. She pretended to be sorry when she thought her career was on the line. Now, she wants to take back her apology.

“I take the apology back… Fuck him,” Griffin hissed on The View.

“Look, I’m not holding back on this family… This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I’m back on the road.”

The shock of her standing with a bloodied Trump mask has worn. Liberals are still frothing at the mouth to discredit Trump. Griffin yanked back her fake apology because she’s confident she can make money as an anti-Trump blowhard.

Griffin told the women of The View that even her mother finds her views distasteful.

“‘I love Sean Hannity. When is Bill coming back from vacation?” Griffin said, her voice pitched to mimic her mother’s.

“She thinks Bill O’Reilly is on vacation.”

Not only does Griffin want to take back her apology, she said she regrets ever uttering the words in the first place.

“But now you’ve taken the apology back aren’t you frightened they’re going to go after you again now?” host and fellow anti-Trump activist Joy Behar asked. “Why do you do that to yourself?”

“It’s important,” Griffin said. “The First Amendment is the First Amendment for a reason. It’s the first one. And also, I mean the thing is this guy just is different.”

Griffin is among the tribe of Hollywood elites who have set themselves against the president. Oddly, she claimed during the interview that she had no intention of “disrespecting the presidency.” She justs wants to be able to say whatever foul thing comes to mind with no consequences.

(Source: Daily Beast)