James Comey Goes On The View, And Meghan McCain Instantly Makes Him Regret It

Meghan McCain wrangled with James Comey on The View Wednesday. The former FBI director is appearing on talk shows to promote his new book. McCain took him to task immediately.

“I want to believe you’re not a political person,” McCain said.

“You’re the head of the FBI, but you write in your book how you went to President Obama, and you were on the verge of tears, saying you were going to miss him. You also said were dreading the next four years with Trump.”

In addition to his book, Comey has dropped a few bombshells in recent interviews. The best that can be said about his cash-grab is that insults about Trump have no substance. He doesn’t actually reveal anything beyond his own bitterness and bias.

“You said very incendiary things about my party this morning,” McCain said.

“I’m a Republican who has many issues with Trump, that is not reflective of my party as a whole. The big issue I have is — I don’t want to know your politics, and a lot of the things you’re saying and doing are highly political, and I just don’t understand what you gain, trying to sort of clear the deck here by bringing things like this up.”

“That’s a good question… I don’t think of it as my politics. I think of it as my values,” Comey replied.

Comey was horrible at his job, that’s why he was fired. He managed to make both Democrats and Republicans hate him. He’s come back from the professional grave to try to profit on a wave of anti-Trump sentiments.

“I don’t care whether people support a Republican or a Democrat, because I’m not either. I don’t care who they support,” Comey said.

“I hope the conversation will start with values and come to policy second, because we’re always going to fight about guns and taxes and immigration, but all we are as this country is a collection of values and that’s what unites Republicans and Democrats.”

Comey’s “values” led to him being disgracefully removed from his post. It’s a joke that he’s being taken seriously now. The left forgets one of their complaints about him every time he says something awful about Trump.

(Source: Daily Caller)