Flashback: All The Times ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Faked Her Native American Heritage

Far-Left Democratic Sen. Elizabeth “Lies A Lot” Warren has claimed she’s of Native America descent for decades, taking advantage of being a “minority woman of color.” It’s helped her land gigs at places like Harvard, where they were more than happy to tout that they had such a rare specimen among their faculty.

Trump’s routinely referred to Warren as “Pocahontas” and called her out for her claims, which has resulted in plenty of pearl-clutching and cries of racism by the left-wing press. Rather than do their jobs and look for evidence supporting Warren’s ancestry claims, they’ve instead gone after her detractors.

As reported at the Daily Caller, America’s least-favorite fake Native American is back in the headlines after Trump once again made a hilarious reference to her unverified claims of native ancestry. Faux outrage over Trump’s supposed “racial slur” against Warren is gripping the media, as “journalists” once again are refusing to ask Warren to prove her claims of “Cherokee” heritage.

Filling the journalism void is Legal Insurrection, which created a Wiki page that goes through Elizabeth “Higha Taxes” Warren’s long career of claiming minority status to boost her career.

In 1996, a Harvard Crimson article referred to Warren as Native American. Warren claimed that she had no idea why the school was labeling her as such and that it never came up during the hiring process. A year later, a Fordham Law Review article described her as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color,” based on a “telephone interview with Michael Chmura, News Director, Harvard Law.”

After this evidence against her was produced, she finally acknowledged that Harvard had labeled her a Native American professor because she identified herself as one in an Association of American Law Schools directory from 1986-1994.
However, she claims she conveniently stopped listing herself as a minority AFTER receiving tenure at Harvard. Warren said that she only ever list herself as Native American because she hoped to meet “other people like herself,” and dismissed the accusations that say she was taking advantage of the system to boost her own career prospects.

That was clearly not the use for it and so I stopped checking it off,” said Warren, chalking up her Native American history to family lore. “These are my family stories, I have lived in a family that has talked about Native Americans and talked about tribes since I was a little girl.” So her “evidence” is no more than family members saying something like, “Oh yeah, you’re great-grandmother had a native second-uncle or something.”

After digging deeper, conservative activists found that her claim she only ever listed herself as Native American in the AALS directory were false, as that directory only showed her listed as a “minority.” Her lies were further debunked after it was discovered that she identified herself as Native American to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard for federal reporting purposes.

Both schools made federal filings based on Warren’s claim, even though she admitted she didn’t have the documentation to prove her ancestry and that she stopped listing herself as such.

With so much evidence against Warren and her continued refusal to back down on the claims, a group of Cherokee genealogists  decided to do a thorough investigation of Warren’s family tree.

They researched her entire family line and were unable to find a single ancestor that identified as anything other than white, including Warren’s mother and Aunt Bea. Their investigation went all the way back to before the Trail of Tears.

Regardless, Warren claimed in a television interview that her parents had to elope because of her mother’s Cherokee and Delaware ancestry. She said it was “an issue” throughout her childhood and that the issue was raised at her mother’s funeral. However, according to Warren’s mother’s death certificate and marriage announcements from back in the day, she was listed as “white,” and local paper records conflict with her “shotgun wedding” type story.

The icing on the cake is Warren’s “proof” of native ancestry, which is that her Aunt Bea would point to her family members having “high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.”

In another interview, Warren asserted that she had photos around her house proving her ancestry, but would not show them to reporters. “I have plenty of pictures–they’re not for you,” she said. How convenient! #ListenAndBelieve!

Adding insult to injury, there’s the fact that Warren contributed five recipes to a Native American cookbook laughably titled “Pow Wow Chow” in 1984. Predictably, at least two of the recipes were plagiarized.

Warren is as unhinged as they come in the DC swamp. She’s a socialist stooge just like Bernie Sanders and would love nothing more than to run this country into the ground with her insane policies. She deserves to be mocked for her ridiculous and unfounded claims, and thankfully, we have a gutsy president willing to do so. No matter how much the media whines about Trump calling her “Pocahontas” it’ll never stop being funny.

Source: Daily Caller