When Trump Haters Burned The Flag, These Patriotic Bikers Gave ‘Em A Taste Of INSTANT JUSTICE!

If you don’t like America, want to burn our flag, speak out against the very country that gives you the incredible freedom to say exactly what you want, then get out and just go away. You’re not wanted here.

Liberals and idiots alike that think America is a horrible place need to really take a good hard look in the mirror. This country gives you the right to speak out and that is incredible. You could have been born in Iran where speaking out against the government would mean certain death. You could have been born in China were speaking out against the government might mean jail for life. Fact of the matter is that you won the lottery as to where you are currently living or have been born into. You need to respect the fact that America gives you these freedoms.

Burning the flag is utter BS and goes against everything Liberals believe in. Which makes the hypocrisy all the more palpable.

Well. some Republicans and TRUE Americans don’t take to kindly to burning our flag. This group of brake bikers broke up a flag burning and it has us and other patriots cheering!

This is the kind of bahavior that make us ask the question: why are you even here? Don’t like America? Don’t want to abide by our rules? Want to have Sharia Law ushered in in the name of tolerance and unity? Go live in the Middle East and see how much you like it.

We suggest you straighten up and fly right and start to respect the flag of the country you live in. That flag grants you freedoms 90% of people on the planet could only dream of.

h/t to Freedom Daily

(Source: YouTube)