When The Media Called Melania “Illegal,” Newt Gingrich SMACKED ‘Em With The TRUTH!

Here’s the thing with the Liberal immigration agenda, it only becomes an issue with illegal immigration when it’s convenient and creates a good narrative to make them look like heroes. This is the Liberal mindset to a tee.

So, imagine our surprise when Newt Gingrich went on Fox News Sunday and argued with a Liberal about Melania Trump. Why were they arguing about her? It was because the Liberal was insinuating that Melania Trump was an illegal immigrant at one point in her life. There are so many things wrong with that statement that I’d like to comment on, but let’s allow Newt to destroy¬†this clueless lefty first. It’s seriously satisfying.

Here’s the problem, Liberal Democrats that think this is an issue are the biggest hypocrites in recorded history. The only “illegal” immigrant they care about, is a LEGAL immigrant, and just so happens to be the wife of Donald Trump? What a bunch of horse sh*t!

How about all the actual illegal immigrants that cost the United States hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year? How about all the illegal immigrants currently getting government handouts and welfare and social security benefits? How about all the illegal immigrants that murder, rape, and pillage their way across the country?

Newt, as usual, stood up for what was right here. He stood up to a Liberal bully making insane accusations and came to the defense of Melania Trump. Give it up, you lefty yahoos – you don’t have a CLUE.

(Source: YouTube)