When The Liberal Media LIED About The Size Of Hillary’s Rally, America KNOCKED ‘Em Out INSTANTLY!

Do you want to see media manipulation at it’s finest? Look no further than this article. Want sweet, sweet justice? It turns out that we’ve got that, too.

Yesterday, we got glimpses of two very different rallies, one for Hillary and one for Trump. We also got word that Hillary has extended a 10 point lead in some polls. That’s an incredibly interesting occurrence. Hillary must be crushing it at those rallies, right?

Here’s a picture from her most recent one, taken by Abby Philip, a Washington Post reporter whose job it is to cover Hillary:

Looks pretty big from the angle of that picture, right? A solid turn out. But let’s pan back a bit and show you the truth about this photo and the “boisterous” and vast crowd. Here’s what one astute observer that isn’t in the back pocket of the Clintons captured:

Well then. Looks like a much, MUCH different story than that original picture would have you believe. Once again, Liberal media manipulation at it’s finest.

…But what about the other side of this coin? Trump also held a rally at the same time, and it wouldn’t be fair to make fun of one and not the other. Only one problem – it was jam-packed full of people. The pictures speak for themselves.


And how about some video evidence as well while we’re at it.


Now answer me this question: regardless of what the polls say, who do you think is really winning in November? Who do you think is REALLY on top with the people that matter, the voters? I rest my case.

(Source: Twitter)