When Obama Ignored This Wounded Veteran, The Police Stepped In With A MIRACLE!

It’s a known fact that Obama and his administration don’t care about our troops. But there are still some people out there who do.

This news comes hot on the heels of our report on Obama vetoing a raise for our military personnel that are on the front lines every day. Here’s more proof that Obama ad his administration of greed still just don’t care. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, wounded Air Force veteran Stan Macey received a massive gift. The gift of mobility and freedom once again.

The local police department gathered funds and help purchase a $15,000 wheelchair for him to better get around, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy hunting and fishing. Watch below and see that there are also good police in this world, regardless of what the liberal media, the Obama administration, and Black Lives Matter says.

Amazing! I’m welling up. We salute you Stan Macey as well as the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association of Michigan who made this all possible. True Americans!

(Source: WZZM13)