When Obama Asked For A Higher Minimum Wage, This Business Said “**** YOU!” HA!

Raising the minimum wage to appease the masses of morons that think that will somehow help the country and the national debt, is beyond stupid. All it does it put businesses in a worse off position to pay their employees, all while making less profit.

Liberals and Obama alike are trying to implement this all over the country. Well Hardee’s, the famous fast food chain has a very interesting way of combating the governmental idiocy. No workers at all.



What this is doing is 2 things: 1) It’s creating work for the customer. Good intentions, but next they’re going to have you make your own food too and 2) What about the workers that just got laid off as a result of the wake hike?

This is the mentality of the liberals: give a man a fish ad he’ll be fed for the day. The Republican way is much better: teach a man how to fish and he’ll be fed for life.

(Source: Twitter)