When Muslims Terrorized One Country, The People Stood Up And Said “GET THE HELL OUT!”

This could be the beginning of the downfall of Islam.

If Bangladesh is a country you’re unfamiliar with, that’s OK because you’ll know about it now. Located directly to the right of India on a map, Bangladesh’s national religion is Islam and 90% of the country is inhabited by Muslims. However, as the country expands and grows, it is starting to realize the harm Muslims and Islam are doing as a rash of killings and lynch mobs have been burning down Buddhist homes because they oppose Islam.

They’ve had enough.


After a recent spate of killings of members of religious minorities by Islamic extremists, the supreme court of Bangladesh has begun hearing arguments challenging Islam’s privileged status as official state religion, a measure applauded by religious liberty activists and minority leaders.

In 1988, Bangladesh’s military government amended the country’s constitution to declare Islam as the official state religion. That very same year, a group of 15 prominent writers, former judges, educators and cultural activists filed a petition contesting the legitimacy of the move, but the courts did not act to review the petition until now.

In recent months Bangladesh has experienced a “surge in killings” of members of Hindu, Christian and Shi’ite religious minorities, which authorities have said are the work of Islamic extremist groups.

This is incredibly important to not as this is exactly who Obama is letting into our country.

On February 29, Bangladesh’s Supreme Court officially began hearing arguments on the petition disputing the constitutionality of the adoption of Islam as the state religion.

Bangladesh’s original constitution, adopted soon after the nation split from Pakistan in 1971, declared the country to be a secular state.

It was the military ruler H. M. Ershard who decreed Islam to be the state religion in 1988, inserting an eighth amendment to the constitution to that effect. The legality of that move is what is now being disputed.

So Christians, Buddhists, and other religious minorities are being murdered by islamic extremists and the government is doing something about it? Well wonders never cease! Obama and his legions of terrorist lovers can learn a thing or two. Get it gone!

(Source: Breitbart)