When John Kerry Said Global Warming Is Worse Than ISIS, He Got KNOCKED OUT By AMERICA!

John Kerry made what might be the most ridiculous statement of his entire political career. He said that air conditioners and refrigerators posed as big a threat to our world as ISIS, because of their effect on the environment.

Pardon our laughter.

Here’s his actual quote:


“Yesterday, I met in Washington with 45 nations — defense ministers and foreign ministers — as we were working together on the challenge of [the Islamic State], and terrorism,” Kerry said during climate change talks in Vienna. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”

So a few things here. 1) stopping ISIS from beheading, murdering, and destroying life isn’t saving lives? I think that’s pretty wrong. And 2) it most certainly does not hold equal importance because the climate isn’t actively trying to end life as we know it.

So now America is calling Kerry out and telling him to put up or shut up!

The petition reads:

WHEREAS, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has suggested that air conditioners are as big a threat as ISIS, and

WHEREAS, it is the duty of our elected and appointed government officials to lead by example,

THEREFORE, we call upon the U.S. Department of State to remove air conditioning from all property that the Department owns, rents, or otherwise employs, including but not limited to embassies, consulates, office buildings, etc., all vehicles owned and/or operated by the Department, and any other property, real or movable, owned, rented, or otherwise employed by the Department.
The petition has received more than 30,000 signatures. Once it receives 35,000, it is officially sent to the White House for review

Haha! That’s great. We hope this happens. If it’s so important to eliminate air conditioning Mr. Kerry, you should be the first in line to get rid of it.

After 1 day in a suit in 90 degree Washington DC heat, you’ll be WISHING you were strategizing to defeat ISIS instead. Fun fact: you should be doing that anyway.

Seriously, these Democrats have no brains.

(Source: Fox News)