Watch Liberal Idiot Shia LaBeouf Get Arrested For Assaulting A Trump Supporter

This is how Trump’s America will operate. Do stupid, criminal crap, get arrested. Obama is gone and getting away with assault is not a thing anymore.

If you’re not familiar with Shia LaBeouf’s work, I wouldn’t be surprised. He was in the popular Transformers movies, and that was about the height of his popularity. Since then, he has devolved into a state of liberal anti-Trump rhetoric and has been seen at many anti-Trump rallies, bullying and screaming liberal nonsense at Trump supporters who disagree with him politically.

Now it seems the tables have turned on Shia and his insanity. What you’re about to see is a small altercation on camera that turned into an assault off camera. LaBeouf is in the red hat with full beard.

Then, as if by magic, another Trump supporter from the popular /pol/ community called the cops on Shia. You’ll never guess what happened next.

BOOM. Arrested. Assault someone physically, get arrested. That’s pretty simple stuff here people. But this is just more proof that the left has become radically unhinged. Listen to them chant “he will not divide us” like they are in some satanic cult.

Here’s an anti-Trumper freaking the hell out at someone making a noise after the chant.

This is what liberalism looks like now, people. These are the Hillary voters. These are the people that have run the country for the last eight years. Thank GOD they are no longer in power.

No more unending heaps of liberal BS. Can you honestly watch these videos and say these people are sane enough to know what’s best for the country and the world?

I think not.

(H/T RedStateWatcher)