Watch As The Liberal Media Literally Melts Down Like Little Snowflakes On Live TV

You’ll never guess how the liberal, mainstream media reacted to Trump’s joint session address. Well, you probably will guess, but let’s show just how unhinged and babied they’ve become.

A celebrity-packed special edition of “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” reacted to President Trump’s address to congress, and it was honestly laughable. This celebrity panel was probably even less intelligent that the normal MSNBC gang of Lawrence O’Donnel and Rachael Maddow. But just like the normal pundits, these celebrities continued the anti-trump rhetoric and it ended in a complete and total meltdown on live TV.

Some of the celebrities included in this panel were Kathy Griffin, noted comedian, LGBT activist, and self-proclaimed “D-List” celebrity as well as Actor, “This is Spinal Tap” Director, and lifelong liberal activist Rob Reiner. Watch as they all throw conniptions to what many are calling the best presidential speech in years.

The outrageous and blatant partisan comments started when Kathy Griffin said “What an idiot, I mean we’ve got to watch this idiot for an hour and nine minutes. He says one hateful thing after another. He is so embarrassing.” Rob Reiner echoed his Hollywood colleagues’ derision. “Yeah, he was able to read off a teleprompter and, I guess, at least we know he can read,” Reiner told Matthews.

This whiny, holier-than-thou condescension is exactly why the liberals lost the election and every meaningful seat in the House and Senate. Instead of trying to reach across the isle and actually make some progress in this country, the liberals seem to be content with residing in their echo chamber of backwards thinking.

That’s fine, stay there. We’ll all be over here making America great again.