This Video About The Orlando Shooting Will Wake America The Hell Up

As President Obama gave his 18th mass shooting speech yesterday, we couldn’t help but wonder what has made these mass shootings so popular with the mentally disturbed of our nation.

The media reports on the shooters at a 100% rate. The shooter is always named and they always get credit. This is a huge draw and reason behind these mass shootings. The shooter goes down in history and gets the media recognition they think they deserve and go down as a “hero” to the next wave of would be domestic terrorists. This is something that we must stop.

You’ll also see the media reporting on the victims of the shootings. You’d think that the victims are those that are murdered as would any sane person. Yet the media, especially in cases that involve Muslim attacks on innocent Americans, always seem to be the larger “victims” in these situations, even though Muslims are responsible for the VAST majority of all terrorist acts in the entire world.

Here to absolutely blast and shatter the myth that Muslims are the “victims” and to shed light on the coddling of the Muslim culture without putting an OUNCE of responsibility on those truly at fault, is a video from YouTube channel “Black Pigeon Speaks.” After watching this, you will not only be amazed, but you may want to take an active role in bringing this to light.

Watch and help by sharing this with everyone you know!

Here is the truth. When 1/4 of your people, a people with a world population of over 1 billion, are potentially radicalized to the extent of carrying out vicious terrorist attacks, it is time to stop hiding from the truth and start saying what needs to be said: Muslim ideology does not belong in the modern world and will be the downfall of all civilization as we know it. Until politicians and world leaders can admit this and only this, these attacks will continue happening.

Wake up.

(Source: YouTube)