This Thug Tried To Kidnap A Young Girl, But Didn’t Expect To Get KNOCKED Out By…MOM?

This is an absolutely terrifying video for all parents and should be seen by every American as this shows exactly what to do in this situation.

In Hernando, Florida, surveillance video in a convenience store captured the shocking moment when a thug kidnapper tried to take a 13 year old girl from the store where she was shopping. The girl was with her mother at the time of the kidnapping attempt.

What so many people do when things like this happens is completely freeze and tense up and go into “deer in headlights” mode. They shut down, not able to process what’s happening. This mother however fought back!

Check out this insane video.

And here’s the description as to what is happening.

The contents of this video may be disturbing.

Sheriff’s Office officials have released a portion of the surveillance video from inside the Dollar General in Hernando where an attempted abduction occurred today before noon.

Craig Bonello, 30, of Hernando, was taken into custody and will be charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of child abuse. For that reason, the 13-year-old victim’s identity will not be released.

Again, we are grateful for the courageous acts of both the child’s mother and off-duty Dep. Jonathan Behnen. Thankfully, the child was saved and no one suffered any injuries during the incident.

This thug was stopped and we salute both this brave mother and the off duty officer. This should serve as the biggest example as to what to do when then happens. Keep America safe and fight back against these cowards!

(Source: Facebook)