This Reporter Goes NUTS Because Of “Softball” Questions Thrown At Hillary

Oh man this is a good one. We all know that Hillary Clinton is coddled by the media and it shows when they ask her questions that are in no way tied to how her ethics or morals play into the race. On the flip side, Donald Trump is consistently lambasted with inappropriate questions that are biased and shock inducing. It’s the equivalent of asking

Anyway, here’s just a smattering of the types of questions Hillary gets.

And this is only one example. Clinton routinely gets questions like these all the time. And Jake Tapper of CNN just called out the ENTIRETY of the Liberal media because of it.

Check it out and cheer along with me!

Completely agree! These are questions you ask a 2nd grader. If Trump’s questions were like these, he’d have a much higher approval rating.

The Liberal media is actively trying to make Hillary look like a saint. We know better. Share this with your fellow Conservatives and get the word out. We will not be silenced by moronic media pundits.

(Source: YouTube)