This Jewish Professor Makes A Muslim Student Admit That She Supports Terrorism

Antisemitism is nothing new – it’s been practiced by bigots the world over and is still a big part of culture in a few key places today, meaning predominantly and overwhelmingly Muslim places.

This kind of backwards hateful thinking does bleed over into Western society and even into our school systems, where things like this can occur.

David Horowitz, Editor-In-Chief of NewsReal Blog, gave a stern lecture at UC San Diego in an attempt to fight the ‘Muslim Students Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week’, which is referred to by some as ‘Hitler Youth Week’.

The very real and very sobering confrontation can be seen below:

I’m not sure what’s worse – that this kind of hateful rhetoric is spewed in our American schools, or that people on the left defended the girl for ‘protecting her culture’.

This is absolutely disgusting and continues the Obama administration narrative of siding with pro-radical Islam supporting nations.

Supporting Israel despite its radical Muslim opposition is the right thing to do, and I’m glad that we now have a President that understands that.

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