This Hispanic Billionaire UNLEASHED On Trump Haters, Says “Who Else Would You Have In A F**king Foxhole?”

If you ask liberals about Trump’s popularity with Hispanics, they’ll tell you that Trump is a racist that will never, ever get Hispanic support. Of course, we know that it’s complete BS, because we have countless evidence of overwhelming Hispanic support of Donald Trump.

None are more outspoken than Hispanic billionaire and businessman Daniel Pena. When asked what he thinks of a potential Trump Presidency and his campaign on the whole, he starts off an EPIC rant with one phrase:

According to Pena, “HE IS GONNA ROCK THE PLANET!” He then goes into who you would rather have in a foxhole, how Bernie Sanders was a communist decades ago, and how America would ultimately be much greater in the long run with Trump at the helm.

Share this with every American you know! It’s an absolutely EPIC interview with someone FIRED UP about Trump!