This Brave Officer Risked His Career To LEAK Obama’s EVIL Anti-Cop Agenda

This is one of the good guys. You know how we can tell? It’s because he sees the truth in all the venom that comes out of Obama’s mouth. Everything the man says is nothing but racially driven hate speech towards normal Americans. Obama sides with BLM. He proved that when he put his arms up after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Now he continues to spew hate and he’s the “leader” of this country. It’s disgusting.

Though we do have true patriotic Americans calling Obama out for all his misdeeds and misinformation. These are the people we love to share with you, our readers. They are the people we should all know about.

Detective Steve Loomis is exactly one of these people. He takes Obama to TASK in the wake of the Baton Rouge shooting. Take a listen below and I dare you not to agree with what this man has to say.

This is true. Everything this man says about Obama is true – he is the root of every single one of these problems. Ask yourself this question if you do not think that is true: Would an America run by George W. Bush have this happen? No matter if you like Bush or not, the answer to that is no. He would have squashed this months if not years ago.

We need a true Republican patriot in office to rectify all the damage Obama has done. November can’t come soon enough.