They Said “Islamic Culture Is Just As Good As Ours” But Didn’t Expect THIS Video To Come Out! OMG!

There are things we take for granted and things we have to be shown to believe, and those things are sometimes determined by political affiliation. I’ll explain – while conservatives understand that some cultures are in fact better than others, liberal can’t get to the same conclusion, citing that cultures like the one surrounding Islamist states are just a valid as ones practiced in the West.

To shed light on that and blow the entire concept out of the water is one of our favorite YouTubers, Paul Joseph Watson, with a detailed report on how exactly our culture differs from those of other countries, and how you can know which one is better. It’s a must-share, so spread this like wildfire!

What do you think, was Paul on point? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)