They Called Donald Trump “Racist”, But Didn’t Expect This Video To EXPOSE Their LIES!

The liberal media has taken to their keyboards, accusing Donald Trump of being racist without merit. Yes, again. Not only are they the boy who cried wolf, but it feels like they’re desperately trying to get some character assassination to stick, all the while their candidate gets probed further by the FBI and the court of public opinion.

However, the question remains as to whether Trump was being racist when he questioned Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a person of Mexican descent. Trump claims that because of his ties to various organizations and affiliations, he would be an impartial judge to Trump’s case. When liberals caught wind of this, their typing fingers couldn’t type fast enough, spelling out “racist” more times than anyone could count.

But is it true? Stefan Molyneux, philosopher and popular YouTuber, analyzes all of the facts (I know liberals hate that word) in the case, and it absolutely absolves Trump of any wrongdoing.

The video is a definitive nail in the coffin of this case. Judge Curiel should be taken off the case as soon as possible and the liberal media needs to get something better to do. Who’s with me? Let’s hear it int he comments!