The View’s Joy Behar Gets Coveted “Biggest Idiot On TV” Award For Saying This About Melania, Live On Air

You really can’t make this stuff up folks. I mean Joy Behar is an idiot, but I didn’t think she could be this stupid.

Joy Behar has been an outspoken detractor about Trump, his family, his presidency, and generally anything to do with him. This time, I feel like she didn’t really go to far, but rather made the least sense ever.

Just watch below then we’ll discuss.

Joy Behar slammed first lady Melania Trump as an illegal immigrant Wednesday when she said without sanctuary cities, “where’s Melania going to go.”

“It’s sort of like the underground railroad, in a way it reminds me of,” Behar responded. “Or the people in Germany who took in the Jews. There are people who are really in trouble who are going to be separated from their children.”

“And, anyways,” she added. “Where’s Melania going to go if we don’t have any sanctuary cities?”

Well Joy, I’ll tell you. She’ll stay at the White House because 1) She’s the First Lady of the United States and 2) SHE’S NOT AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT YOU COLOSSAL PANTLOAD.

Let’s for one minute PRETEND Melania Trump was an illegal immigrant. Running to a sanctuary city doesn’t mean that she’d be safe from deportation. Federal law would supersede local law if the illegal was deemed to be a danger to the American people.

Here’s the problem with these liberal yahoos, they don’t do any research. They literally just spot back anything they’ve heard on Twitter or the MSM as gospel. The facts remain: Melania is a LEGAL, DOCUMENTED US citizen who came to this country as an immigrant, who also happens to be married to a US citizen. There’s no chance in hell she’ll ever be deported.

Seriously, we should just deport the View. They don’t deserve to be in this county anyway. Hey Whoopi, I thought you were moving anyway…

(Source: The Daily Caller)