The Media Have FAILED In Covering Up Hillary’s Disease. Here’s What She’s HIDING From America

The liberal media have made a huge deal out of Hillary’s rapidly failing health. Oh wait – no, they haven’t. They’ve dismissed the claims of medical professionals like Dr. Drew as the crazy rantings of conspiracy theorists, even though they’re backed by evidence such as her erratic speech patterns, her temper tantrums, convulsions, and constant fatigue, despite her opponent being in near perfect health by comparison.

However, more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to condemn Hillary’s lies about her mental and physical state, proving that not only do people not trust the mainstream media’s coverage of issues, but that they have failed in covering up what could be Hillary’s most damaging scandal to date.

This video, by YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson, outlines how the media have bent over backwards to protect Hillary from having her health become an issue, and failed in spectacular fashion. I couldn’t agree more.

Why does it always take someone on the outside to expose the hypocrisy of those in the liberal mainstream media? Why can’t they have the self-awareness to do it themselves?

(Source: YouTube)