She Supported Trump On Her Facebook Page. What Facebook Did Next…OMG! WHAT??!!

So much for that meeting with Glenn Beck, right?

As you may know, Facebook and it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg have come under fire recently for allegedly censoring and removing people, pages, and posts that have to do with Muslims and/or conservative political affiliation.

Even some pretty innocuous things have been taken down that are seemingly harmless under the guise of each item being in “violation” of FB’s terms and conditions.

Well, it’s happened yet again to a conservative persona as the censorship and profiling continues.

Look, Facebook, Mark, we don’t care if you lean left. We truly don’t. We just want you and all of your little worker bees to give us an equal stake in the news cycle.

Like the video said, you’re a private company and you can do as you please, but you have a moral and ethical obligation to the political community of the United States to put everything on equal footing.

Besides, as a businessman, Mark, you of all people should know, a little competition is a good thing!

(Source: YouTube)