Sean Hannity Just Went Off Script And SCHOOLED All #NeverTrump Haters

I’ll be honest – we do love us some Sean Hannity here at Yes I’m Right. So much so that we continually share his voice, opinions, and reasoning for so much these days.

Hannity is a man and a journalist of integrity that pulls no punches when it comes to speaking about what he believe is right for the Republican party. And recently, there’s been some discourse within the Republican party saying that there might be a divide and a distancing from the Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

This didn’t sit well with Hannity and he went on his own radio show to call out specifically who he’d blame if Hillary came to power.

I mean, that’s it right there. The Republican powers that be would be responsible for a Hillary Clinton presidency. I just threw up a little in my mouth saying that phrase.

People, we cannot let this happen. Get out there in November. Go vote. Make sure Trump is in the White House, NOT Hillary.

(Source: YouTube)