Rush Limbaugh Sees Trump’s UN Speech, Immediately Makes Huge Announcement

It’s been a good day for Trump supporters. The President was absolutely luminous during his debut UN appearance. Rush Limbaugh loved Trump’s speech so much that he made a startling announcement almost immediately after hearing it.

“Then we go to Trump’s United Nations speech today, which was unlike any speech at the United Nations we have ever heard an American president give. John Bolton says this is the speech of Trump’s presidency. It is the speech of his political career. It was bold, and it left no doubts. He stood up for America first. And he put the United Nations in its place,” raved Limbaugh.

American politicians are typically boring and predictable. There’s no point in paying attention to speeches given by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because you can always figure out what they’re going to say in advance.

“I tell you, the United Nations has not seen anything like this. They looked like the Star Wars bar scene when the camera panned some of these delegates. Bibi Netanyahu I thought was gonna jack-in-the-box out of the seat with a standing ovation when Trump launched into Iran,” Limbaugh said gleefully.

The left has been attempting to push a narrative that Trump is illiterate. Unprofessional. Some members of the fringe element even complain that the president embarrasses them. People who like their politicians to behave like robots are offended by Trump. People who want their representatives to remain true to their constituents, however, love him.

“As far as these eggheads at that place think, we are responsible for the problems in the world because we have an unfair amount of the world’s wealth, riches, treasure, and resources, and how do we get it? Why, we went over there and we stole everything we wanted. We have dominated, we have territorialized, and Trump even addressed that,” Limbaugh continued.

Trump might turn out to be one of the most effective presidents that we’ve ever had.